Illyrian Chamber Players - music box
About Common Time

We recognize the creative potential in every individual — and the power of music and the creative arts to enrich. Music provides one of the most vital and dynamic experiences one can enjoy at any age and any level. In fact, the pleasures and rewards of music education bring untold benefits: the discipline of learning an instrument, the delight of connecting movement and song, the self-growth gained from performance and the friendships shared through participation in ensembles.

Our goal is to provide quality, creative music-making experiences for students of all ages and abilities and regardless of cultural background or financial status. We do not adhere to a single pedagogy, offering both Suzuki and traditional instruction, and most importantly, customizing the approach to the goals, learning style and aspirations of each individual student.

Students at Common Time Music have fulfilling and enjoyable lessons and learn to express themselves in the most universal of all languages: music.