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Studio Policies
Studio Policies

New Students

Please contact the studio to schedule a meeting with an instructor.  She/he will call you or email you within a few days to schedule your lessons and provide information about obtaining an instrument if you do not already have one.  Instructors keep and maintain their own teaching schedules.  Once you have scheduled your lessons, please contact your teacher directly.  Lessons are typically taught Monday through Friday keeping Saturday available for special rehearsals, workshops and recitals.

Attendance and Missed Lessons

Regular attendance is expected.  Students are charged for all lessons or classes for which they commit to, including those missed through student absence.  No refunds and no make-ups are given to a student who misses a scheduled lesson or rehearsal.  Students arriving late for lessons will use only the remaining time left in the lesson.  If the teacher is late the student will receive their full lesson amount.

Make-up Lessons

In fairness to all students make up lessons are for emergency situations only and each student is allowed two per year.  Remember to take your music lessons into account when scheduling other activities and appointments.  Please notify your teacher as soon as possible if you need to miss a lesson. If you do not call at least two hours before your scheduled lesson, you forfeit your chance for a makeup lesson. Chamber music coachings will neither be refunded nor made up unless it is the teacher who is absent.

Teacher Cancellation and Snow Days

All lessons missed due to teacher absence or snow days will be made up or credit will be given. In the case of inclement weather and school-declared snow days, most teachers are usually still able to attend their regular scheduled lessons. Please look for an e-mail or phone call on snowy days.

Summer Study Policies

Study during the summer is essential for students to continue their musical development. Summer lessons may be scheduled on a weekly basis with your individual teacher. In order to hold your preferred lesson time slot in the fall, students are required to take a minimum of 4 lessons over the summer. Students who discontinue lessons during the summer cannot be guaranteed their preferred lesson time in the fall.


We reserve the right to discontinue a student at any time for poor attendance, nonpayment, lack of interest or disorderly behavior.  If a student is discontinued for nonpayment of fees, the student is responsible for full payment including all late fees.

Payment & Refunds

Tuition holds a slot in the schedule throughout the year and is required in full whether or not the student attends class. Tuition is payable monthly due at the first lesson of the month.  Please make checks payable to you individual teacher.  Keep in mind that the number of lessons in each month fluctuates.  Refunds can only be offered if after the first lesson the student decides not to continue and if I am notified at least 24 hours prior to the second lesson; the student will be refunded full tuition minus the first lesson.  There will be a $15 late fee if tuition is not paid within the calendar month. You are responsible for any bank charges incurred because of returned checks.

Photo Policy

You may be photograph or during lessons, classes or special events for promotional purposes.  Please let your teacher know if you do not wish to be photographed.

Workshops & Recitals

In addition to private lessons or chamber music coachings, students have the opportunity to partake in informal workshops and formal recitals. Musical performance gives students the opportunity to share music with each other and make new friends. All students are expected to perform in at least one recital per year.  A dress rehearsal will be scheduled outside of lesson time before the recital.  A onetime $40 fee will be collected per family at the beginning of the school year to cover recital space and use of our piano accompanist regardless as to how many recitals a student partakes in.